Sliding rooflight

Our sliding rooflight is designed to provide a large opening on the roof. It can be a single panel, one fix-one sliding panel or incorporated to walk-on rooflights. We can design also a walk-on sliding rooflights.

Our rooflight meets the requirements of the Building Regulations. We manufacture any size. The largest record size we manufactured was 3300mm x 3000mm. We can design any size of rooflights to suite the architectural requirements.

Our sliding rooflight incorporates rack and pinion drive with a 12 or 24v concealed electric motor. It can be operated by means of wall switch or an additional remote control can be provide. The sliding rooflight is fitted with a rain sensor to automatically close in an even of rain or snow.  

Our rooflights use high performance Low E coated glass with outstanding thermal performance u-value of 1.10 W/m2K centre of glass. Our sliding rooflight minimum classification is Class 2 – Non fragile rooflight. To ensure safety, one pane of the glass panel is always toughened laminated and design to remain in place to support a service load even if one panel is broken. Solar control coating can be added upon request. The frame is non-corrosive, welded joint, polyester powder coated aluminium. Frame colour varies from white, grey and black or any standard RAL colour as required.